Birmingham Is An Investment Hub

Research and Brief History

According to suggestions in recent joint studies by Emerging Trends in Real Estate 2015 created by PwC and Urban Land Institute Estate Agent Birmingham potentially offers the best property investment in UK. Therefore making Birmingham the sixth best in Europe rather than being the top investment prospect in the UK. Historically, this came as a surprise to many who still believed that this city was a Black Country according to the gloomy stories being said about this area. Numerically, the cities in Europe that are ahead of Birmingham were Berlin, Dublin, Madrid, Hamburg and Athens. Viewers were also surprised to learn that London was tenth according the statistics conducted.


The city stood out of the crowd because of a single factor and that is regeneration. A simple example was illustrated by the reopening of the new Birmingham New Street Station after using 600 million pounds to upgrade it. Additionally new projects such as the HS2 project, 150 million pounds leisure scheme Resorts World Birmingham which is opening in spring, John Lewis shifting its first branch outside London in the new Grand Central shopping precinct and finally work starting on the mixed-use development paradise Circus in January. These have all been fostered by Estate Agent Birmingham which has allowed accessing houses in this region to become quite easier. A population increase of 300,000 in the last decade and also additional businesses of 33,000 are also an indication why this city has been greatly rated as an investment hub.

Sustainable Investment

This top ranking naturally pleases those close to Birmingham however; this could be closely related to London’s high prices and fears of property bubble making investors to shy away from this city according to many outsiders. Birmingham’s new developments and its rising GVA which has surpassed many UK core cities are creating a sustainable investment destination for companies across the world while major cities like London risk generating a property bubble according to Neil Rami the chief executive of Marketing Birmingham.

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